Monday, May 9, 2011

Bowie Exhibit Coming To Museum Of Arts And Design

One of the nice things about being in New York is that you're a short train ride from some of the best muesums in the country, and when they have weirdo rock and roll exhibits, you don't have to contemplate a plane ride to check them out. Case in point: The Museum of Arts And Design will be hosting a show called David Bowie, Artist. In their words:

This summer, the Museum of Arts and Design is proud to present David Bowie, Artist, a multi-platform retrospective re-framing Bowie’s daring, multi-discipline career as that of an artist working primarily in performance. From his roots in such performance-based practices as cabaret, mime, and avant-garde theater, to Ziggy Stardust, his revolutionary tour that synthesized theater, music, and contemporary art into a rock spectacle, as well as his innovative video collaborations, and his work in cinema and theater, David Bowie, Artist presents Bowie as one of the most iconoclastic cultural producers of the 20th century.

Presented as a multiplatform retrospective— including cinema series and interactive kiosks —David Bowie, Artist will presents a layered and shifting body of work that has continually innovated practices throughout a multitude of cultural spheres.

We can't make any guarantees as to how insightful it will be, especially for super fans. That being said, you can be damned sure we're going to check it out.


rock opera said...

any bowie is good bowie. I wish I was in new york city for this. enjoy it for me