Friday, March 11, 2011

The Walkmen Drop "Orange Sunday" Complete With Video

The Walkmen at Terminal 5, from the HAD Archive

It took us a minute to give "Orange Sunday" a look and listen, but we're glad we finally did. The track is a b-side from The Walkmen's fabulous record Lisbon. Upon listening it rapidly becomes clear that in this case "b-side" and "throwaway" are by no means the same thing. A beautifully stark track, the song highlights Hamilton Leithauser's voice over the interplay of two guitars, acoustic and electric.

Clearly, the band felt the track had merit, as they not only gave it to the world, but also made a video to accompany it. Eerily awash in water, the clip feels slightly darker to us than the song, but still seems to suit it. Check them both below.