Monday, February 7, 2011

First Taste Of The New Strokes Record Hits The Net

If you're anything like us, most of your web surfing happens during the week, and it's seldom that you spend a Saturday night catching up on the latest web leaks and music availability issues. That being said, when a friend emailed us that a sample of The Strokes first single in 5 years, "Under Cover Of Darkness", had hit the web, we threw on our headphones and ignored the party for the next 30 seconds.

30 seconds, that is, of bliss. Not only do the boys sound amazing, but the tune is a definite throwback to the first record. All of the manicured production of the third record is out the window (at least for the first 30 seconds), and is replaced by the return of the raw, jangly sound that we all fell in love with 10 years ago. It remains to be seen if this will hold true for the entirety of Angles, but for now, we're pretty damn pleased with what we've heard.