Friday, January 7, 2011

Kurt Vile Has New Record On Tap For March, Drops Preview Tracks

We love Kurt Vile. Ever since he delivered the fantastically amazing God Is Saying This To You..., we have held him in unassailably high esteem. Which is why, when he was signed to the venerable Matador Records, we were all that much more excited that the world at large would be educated as to his awesomeness.

Well now, a year and a half later, and Vile is delivering his second record for the indie stalwart. Smoke Ring For My Halo (cover above) drops in March, and we're damned excited. Typically, the label is calling it his "most ambitious work to date". We'd probably take a different route, and if the preview tracks are any indication, just call it "stone cold fucking awesome".

Either way, we're pretty sure that it's one you're gonna want to put on your "must hear" list for 2011. For now, enjoy the leaked tracks below, and maybe even pick up the recently-released 7" for "In My Time". Happy Friday!