Friday, January 14, 2011

Jake Mann and Grand Lake coming to Bottom Of The Hill Next Week

Crossbill Records has been snagging some serious notoriety with Sea Of Bees, who we managed to catch (and dig) last summer in New York. Given that, when word came up that the label's next release was on tap from Jake Mann And The Upper Hand, we were paying attention.

Digging into Mann's latest, Parallel South, which drops today on Crossbill, we were met with a record that hops genres, locks into good old fashioned rock sensibilities, and adds a touch of sonic exploration for good measure. Mann's forte is clearly straight-ahead rock and roll, and each of the tracks on the new record leverages that talent for all it's worth. The real win, however, comes when Mann's rock and roll chops are interspersed with Spector-ish beats, lilting country strings, or classic rock organs. Combined, these pieces serve to give the record the sonic weight to be set apart from its peers.

Given that take on the new record, we were psyched to hear that HAD Records' own Grand Lake had been asked to join Mann at his show at Bottom Of The Hill this coming Wednesday (the 23rd) in support of the record's release. Mann has been traversing the state since the beginning of the month, and this show is the final delivery on the tour. Combine that with the fact that it's Grand Lake's first SF stop since last fall, and well, you have yourself a pretty damn fine event. Get your ass out there.