Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grand Lake Pre-Tour Videos Surface On The Eve Of SF Gig

We already mentioned Grand Lake's gig tonight with Jake Mann, but just in case you needed a reminder: The combined awesomeness of the two will be descending on San Francisco at the Bottom Of The Hill tonight to celebrate the release of Mann's new CD. Put lightly: you'd be very foolish not to attend, and we don't suffer fools lightly, mmmkay?

But wait: that's not all - not by a long shot. Grand Lake's been hiding out for a couple of months, but that doesn't mean things aren't brewing. Never mind the fact that they've been diligently writing new rock and roll brilliance, or that tonight's show got a nice nod from Bay Area Beats. We'll do you one better: new video.

Taken right before the band headed on tour last fall, these two vids from Echo Locale (along with a nice little write up) capture acoustic versions of "Spark" (click through) and Pavement's "In The Mouth Of A Desert". Taking place in the Berkeley sun, they're not only sounding great, but looking great as well. It's time to whet your appetite for tonight's show and get your day started!