Thursday, January 6, 2011

Florence And The Machine: "Dog Days Are Over"

There are some blogs that are dead set on bringing you the very latest, for fear that you might be (no! for shame!) caught with an mp3 dating all the way back to 2009. This is not one of those blogs. Rather, we're the sort of folks who clumsily stumble into our musical obsessions, and when we do they run deep. "Run deep" as in to the point of playing the same track over and over, annoying our friends, and generally wearing an artist thin? Yes, that sort of run deep. Never mind when the track came out, or who else likes it. We're obsessed. Case in point: Florence and The Machine.

Sure, by now you've probably heard their stuff, and we certainly would guess that you've enjoyed it. Florence has a killer voice, and the band is (deservedly) blowing up all over the place. So why are we bringing this up now? Well this week we started really listening to the band's debut EP A Lot Of Love. A Lot Of Blood, and "Dog Days Are Over" proceeded to take over our lives.

It's not so much the awesomeness of the beginning of the tune, with it's haphazard starts and stops at the 1:50 and 3:05 marks (although that's certainly a factor). What really got us is the completely fucking killer refrain at the end of the tune where it's chorus kicks our to another dimension and you are left with the absolutely irrepressible urge to immediately play the track again. Seriously. Give it a try.