Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flaming Lips Bring Zaireeka To Phones

Wayne Coyne Of Flaming Lips at Treasure Island Festival 2009, from the HAD Archive

Sure, for some of you, the exciting news might be that the Flaming Lips have decided to release one single a month over the next year, in an effort to keep things fresh and creative. Don't get us wrong, that's great news. But even more exciting for us is that the band has decided to release their epic 4-CD syncro-play masterpiece Zaireeka for mobile phones!

Why is this exciting, you ask? Well, the original Zaireeka was a 4 disc affair, designed to be played simultaneously and create an on-the-fly mix of the record. The problem is that in the 20-some-odd years since the record has been released, boom boxes (and hence Zaireeka parties) have been conspicuously on the downturn.

That will all change with a fancy little phone implementation, that will let all the Lips nerds within a one mile radius join together in phone-y awesomeness. While we're not sure what stages of development the project is in (it looks like they're still using quicktime in the video, above), the band is promising it'll be around by the end of the month. Very, very, exciting!