Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ryan Adams Drops Free Tracks In Advance Of Record Release

Ryan Adams @ The Catalyst, from the HAD Archive

A few weeks back, we mentioned that Ryan Adams had not one, but two new records on the way in December. True to form, that's not all there is. Adams has released three new tracks for free via the new Pax-Am website, apparently all culled from the sessions for the new records, III and IV.

The three tracks (below) are entitled "Destroyers", "The Blue Canoe", and "Darkness", and they run the gamut from balladry to rock and roll. "Destroyers" is something of a classic RA rock track, laden with post-punk guitars and a soaring vocal. "The Blue Canoe" is straight up garage rock, and probably the rawest thing we've heard from Adams in a while. "Darkness" is probably the most Cardinals-y track of the three, starting off with a quite ballad and kicking into a jam.

While the tracks are sort of all over the map stylistically, we will say this: they've got us stoked for all the new material Adams has coming our way. Moreover, it seems like the new Pax Am setup is allowing Adams to realize his long-pursued goal of getting the breadth of his prolific output to the fans, and that's something we're definitely in favor of.


HY-Girl said...

Hi, thanks for posting these tracks. Destroyers and Blue Canoe seem to be the same track though?