Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spoon Drop More Transference Demos

Spoon at The Fillmore, from the HAD Archive

In a move that is likely to amount to an entire Transference Demos record, Spoon have dropped two more demos from their last record Transference through the "Bonus" section of their website. This time around, the band has delivered early versions of "Out Go The Lights" and "Nobody Gets Me But You", and frankly, they're awesome.

As is often the case with the band, the early versions of the songs are pretty vast departure from the final studio cuts. Largely recorded by Britt Daniel solo, the tracks are raw frameworks of what the songs will eventually become. "Nobody Gets Me But You" loses it's aggressive beat, and instead is driven by a driving acoustic guitar line and "na na" backup vocals. "Out Go The Lights" departs from the final version's gentle touch, and instead is built upon a fuzzy bass guitar line and a straining vocal from Daniel.

At the end of the day, stuff like this is one of the many reasons we love Spoon so much. Not only are they willing to expose their creative process for all the world to see, but they offer it up to their fans for free. If more bands would take a cue from these guys, it definitely wouldn't be a change for the worse. Check out the tracks below.