Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Phoenix - "1901 (Alan Wilkis Remix)"

Phoenix at Central Park in 2009, from the HAD Archive

When Phoenix released tracks from their record in multi-track format, the number of remixes was so staggering that the band actually ended up releasing a separate album of other artists' interpretation of their work.

Even that didn't manage to grab all of the great tracks out there, and here's a little proof for you. This remix of "1901" is the work of Brooklyn-based producer Alan Wilkis, and has been hanging out in our files for the better part of a year. We figured this evening's Phoenix show at Madison Square Garden was the perfect time to bring it to your attention.

The remix captures the poppiness of the original, but then takes it in another direction that subtly suggests the rock-pop genius of Van Halen's "Jump". In other words, it does exactly what a remix should: takes a great song, and gives it a completely new perspective. Enjoy.