Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spoon Chooses Monday To Take On New York City

Spoon at the House of Blues Boston, from the HAD Archive

Sure, we already told you about tonight's sold out Spoon show at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg, but if you thought that was all you had coming your way, you're sorely mistaken.

First up, the band promptly updates their September "bonus track" at the beginning of the month, and it's a good one. A demo for the Transference track "Goodnight Laura", the track is an entirely different take on the song, driven by guitar, and featuring much more forward drums and vocals. In many ways, it's like the inverse of Gimme Fiction's "Sister Jack", which began as a piano demo, and then made its way to guitar world.

On top of the fantastic bonus track, you also get another chance to see the band today. In addition to the Music Hall show, the band will be dropping in at Cake Shop to play a tiny show for fans, with tickets sold at the door. No word on whether it'll be a full set, but according to the band's web site, doors are at 12:45 and the show is at 1.

Happy Spoon Monday kids!