Monday, September 27, 2010

Caribou Played Webster Hall: Pictures, Review, Video

In all the times that we've seen Caribou over the past few years, they've yet to disappoint. Last week at Webster Hall was no exception. The Canadian band are without question one of the most tightly integrated units in rock and roll, and seeing their material in a live setting is almost like getting to hear a completely new and invigorated version of the album tracks.

The room at Webster Hall was unquestionably the largest we've ever seen them in, and it's clear that the band's popularity is rapidly expanding. Tracks from Swim were met with massive approval, and also seemed far more prone to the band's more extended jams. In particular, "Sun" and "Odessa" both garnered some serious crowd reaction.

Interestingly, some of the tracks from Andorra were conspicuously disregarded (at least with regard to applause levels), despite being in the best shape that we've ever heard them in. There was an astoundingly massive version of "Melody Day", and a take on "After Hours" that completely blew our minds. Swim may be bringing the crowds, but we're glad the band hasn't forgotten their roots.

As has become the norm with Caribou, the show also included an epic light show reminiscent of the finest 60's psychedelica. Projections were combined with strategically timed strobes to offer up an environment that was intricately tied to the music. Lulls would be accented with drifting colors, followed by explosive bursts of onstage light at the most percussive moments.

Putting a Caribou show into words is almost moot, because the experience is a far more visceral than it is intellectual. The band manages to take intricate melodies and rhythms and combine them in such a way that the listener is left not only completely in love with the show, but also wishing you could bottle the experience and take it home.

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