Friday, August 13, 2010

It's A Good Weekend For Festivals

It's the end of the summer, and we know you've already been to a lot of shows, but don't give up! There's still so many great bands to see, and this weekend marks notable options on both sides of the continent!

Here on the east coast, Wilco will be holding their first ever Solid Sound Festival in North Adams, MA. The fest promises to be a Wilco-centric celebration of music, with sets from the band as well as their numerous side projects. On top of that, they've created interactive elements to allow you to futz with the band members gear to your heart's content. Fun!

Outside Lands 2009, from the HAD Archive. Photo by Rick Audet

Meanwhile, on the west coast Outside Lands gets under way in Golden Gate park. We don't need to tell you that this bad boy is the bay area's biggest music festival. However, we will remind you that it means you get to the The Strokes reunite, and that, dear children, should be more than enough incentive. (Yes, there are a million other amazing bands there as well. Stop being silly).

Regardless, this should be more than enough to keep you entertained, so get your butt out the door!