Friday, July 9, 2010

Sea Of Bees Descend On Brooklyn

It's a rarity that an up and coming band like Sea of Bees will make such a strong showing so far from home. Given that, consider yourself lucky: the San Francisco natives will be making not one, but five stops in our fair city this weekend (dates below). All the stops are in Brooklyn, which, while maybe slightly inconvenient for some, fits well with the band's place in the current music scene.

Their debut record, Songs For The Ravens, is an eclectic mix of dreamy vocals, well composed electronics, lumbering folky guitars, and classic rock and roll. The end result is a sound that is utterly unique, and well worth more than a few minutes of your attention. While we've never seen them live, the sounds on disc are more than enough to convince us to get out there before we're stuck behind 500 hipsters who have just discovered the "next big thing".

Our advice? Hit up one of the shows early in the weekend, and if you love it as much as we think you will, you have a chance for another taste.

mp3: Sea Of Bees - Skinnybone

Sea Of Bees Summer 2010 New York Dates
July 9 - Spike Hill
July 10 -
Rockwood Music Hall
July 11 -
Union Hall w/David Dondero
July 12 -
Pete's Candy Store
July 13 -
The Rock Shop w/Matt Bauer and Feather and Folly