Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Phoenix Video For You To Feast On: "1901", Unplugged

Phoenix at The Paradise, from the HAD Archive

It's been just over a year since we caught Phoenix in the tiny room at The Paradise, and they subsequently exploded to become the biggest band of the year. Since then they've been touring the world, headlining monster stages, and generally doing the sorts of things that ultra mega rockbands do with their time.

However, in the midst of all that hype, a couple of things have happened that are more about the music, and less about super stardom. First is the official video for "1901" (above). How we missed this the first time around, we have no idea. Luckily the video was just nominated in the Soho Shorts film festival, and it gave us a chance to track it down. Needless to say, it's fabulously killer.

The second item is even more exciting. You may recall that the band taped an MTV Unplugged performance in New York a couple of months back. Well now that performance is available online in full, and it's as awesome as you might expect. Highlights include a marimba-laden version of "Lisztomania", a harpsichord-driven version of "Armistice", and some fab new band haircuts. While the band's acoustic EP was nice, this show definitely takes it to the next level. Head here to check it out.