Friday, July 2, 2010

Matador At 21 Delivers Epic Lineup

If there's one indie label that could possibly be construed as "major", it'd have to be Matador. Not only were they the leaders of the indie movement in the early 90's, but they also have amassed an unparalleled lineup of both current artists and alumni, to the point of almost singularly defining an era in music.

Given that, we weren't exactly shocked (although frankly, quite pleased) to see that the label's annual "Matador At..." anniversary party will feature a bulletproof selection of their very best. Read along with us on this one kids: a reunited Pavement, the always lovely Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, and a (what?!?!) seemingly reunited Guided By Voices. And those are just the headliners.

Former Matador signees Spoon will also be in attendance, along with Matador's long time kings of cool Yo La Tengo, and a vast selection of the label's current roster: Girls, Kurt Vile, Ted Leo, and Cold Cave, to name a few.

Needless to say, we are incredibly stoked for the event, which takes place October 1st-3rd of this year. While we're not exactly sure why it's in Las Vegas (Cheap flights and hotels? Rock stars like to gamble?) We will say that this fest is looking like the "it" spot for the fall. If you need some inspiration, it might be exactly the thing your looking for. Yum.