Monday, July 26, 2010

JBM: New Music, CD Release Party Tomorrow Night At Mercury Lounge

Last night as we were puttering our way around the internet (as we are wont to do), we stumbled upon the musical awesomeness of JBM. The enterprise is the musical pursuit of Jesse Marchant, and sees its first real release to the world tomorrow, with the full length not even in July. The record (which is streaming in full on JBM's site) is an unnerving mix of genres that is all at once atmospheric, melodic, and steeped in the annals of rock and roll.

Much of the record sounds like it was recorded at two in the morning after a day that seemed like it would never end. It's as though the musicians are at long last allowed to play what they actually want to play, and that finally the outside world has been rendered irrelevant. Put differently, the music is honest, stoic, and real.

Marchant's vocals are restrained and delicate in a way that suggests he's resigned to get his music out there, regardless of what pain or chaos might be in store. For their part, his band does a magnificent job at underpinning his vocal delivery with music that is both understated and poignant. They do a fantastic job creating a sound that recalls 50 other talented and melancholy singer songwriters, but at the same time completely comes into its own. If that isn't enough to convince you, Marchant also has a killer Daytrotter Session that more than shows off just why we dug him so much right out of the gate.

Luckily for us, Marchant is a New York resident, and as such has decided to launch the record in his home town, at the venerable Mercury Lounge. Not only will it be an exquisite opportunity to hear Marchant's awesome musicality in a live environ, but the show also features the fantastic Sondre Lerche in an opening slot. Yes: it's going to be as awesome as it sounds. See you there.

mp3: JBM - Winter Ghosts (Daytrotter Session)