Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ted Nesseth (The Heavenly States) Played The Makeout Room - Pictures, Review

We had been hearing fantastic things about the live sets that Ted Nesseth had been doing solo, so on May 29th we decided to stop in at the Makeout Room and check out his latest bid into the world of playing a small room with only a guitar and his voice.

Technically, the set wasn't completely solo, as Nesseth was joined on stage by a keyboardist. However, we have to say that Nesseth's playing and voice both were in top form, and the presence of backup of any kind was hardly necessary.

The set was comprised primarily of tunes that were new to our ears, and according to Nesseth, some may be destined for the next record from The Heavenly States, while some may remain solo pieces. Either way, there was no question that Nesseth's muse is alive and well, and the under-an-hour set left us hungry for whatever comes next.

More pictures at the HAD Archive


Kristoffer West Johnson said...

Ted is a brilliant artist. His rewards are well earned and a long time coming.