Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh, By The Way: This Year's Outside Lands Looks Fantastic

Yes, we know the Outside Lands lineup dropped a while ago: calm yourselves. The fest isn't happening for another two months, and we're certainly not going to subscribe to this "give it to me now" internet culture that all you kids seem so keen on. Nope, not one bit!

That being said, we'll just come out with this: the lineup for Outside Lands 2010 looks fantastic. As always, it's a pretty solid mix of acts and genres, with a "something for everyone" vibe. At the same time, it features a triumvirate of three of our favorite bands of the modern era: Kings Of Leon, The Strokes, and Phoenix will all be making appearances at the fest.

Yes, you read that correctly. Never mind that the re-formed Strokes alone would be enough to get us out there, add in two of the most solid live rock bands playing today, and suffice it to say, we'll be in attendance. On top of those three, we were more than a little psyched to see My Morning Jacket, Cat Power, and our recent faves Dawes all in the lineup.

In a change from previous years, the fest will only be a two day affair, which is actually probably a blessing for all of those folks coming from work on Friday. While it does make the fest slightly less epic, it also makes it a lot more manageable for a lot of folks, which is nice.

Anyway, as you can see, we're very psyched, and you can bet we're going to be there. We're guessing you will too - seriously, Julian asked us to invite you. xoxo.


Hanan said...

I bought my tickets last week.