Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 22-20's Played Rickshaw Stop - Pictures, Review

On Monday night, we stopped in at San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop to check out the recently reunited 22-20's. We had gotten wind of the band's reunification, and subsequent US tour, in the past few weeks. After digging a couple of tunes from their forthcoming full length, we decided it would be worthwhile to head out and check out the band. We were definitely right.

Despite being one of two opening acts, it was pretty clear that a lot of the crowd was there to see the 22-20's. The venue filled up early on, and the band's set finished (sadly, without an encore) at 11 PM. After a lengthy hiatus, it made sense to see the devotees come out in droves, and they definitely got what they came for.

The band delivered a killer set comprised of tunes both from their 2004 debut and their forthcoming full length Shake Shiver and Moan, which drops in May. The new tunes held up extremely well, and integrated easily with the rest of the set. What's more, the band had a free live EP (which you can also grab at their website) up for grabs after their set.

Frankly, we have no idea why these guys decided to take a break a few years back, but we were psyched to see them back on stage. If you still love rock and roll (and we know you do), then you should really get on this shit. Stat.

Photos by Brian Fong
Many more photos at the HAD Archive