Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shout Out Louds Played Music Hall Of WIlliamsburg - Pictures, Review

“We’re so glad to be back,” front man Adam Olenius told us early in the Shout Out Louds’ sold out set at Music Hall Of Williamsburg. The Swedish indie rockers have returned to the States for the first time in three years to tour behind their new album Work – and the first thing you notice are the beards. The band exudes a more “elder of the tribe” vibe these days. No longer the new pretty boys (and girl) on the block, they’re certified veterans at this point, and have the pro stage presence to prove it.

They ran through most of Work, despite the fact the audience was unfamiliar with the new songs (the album just dropped last week) But they were at their best – and the crowd happiest – when they hit the highs of their most anthemic and catchy tunes. Two of the new one,s “Fall Hard” and encore-closer “Walls” fit that mode 100%, but it was the older tunes “Tonight I Have To Leave It,” “Please Please Please,” and the occasion-appropriate “The Comeback” that really got the mojo flowing.

One guy in the balcony, covered in sweat, was going so crazy that he even caught the attention of the band. “Be careful not to fall off the balcony,” Olenius said. Then he smiled, “Not bad for a Monday night.”

Shout Out Louds play a “secret show” tonight at Piano’s, first come first serve. Then they’ll be back in New York on May 5th for a gig at Webster Hall. Fingers crossed ubersexy keyboardist Bebban Stenborg gets more stage time as she did on the last tour, singing lead vocals on the beautiful song “Blue Headlights.”

Words and Pictures by Chris Goldberg
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NYCPete said...

I was up in the balcony and thought it was a little unfortunate that the bass guitar was so out of tune that it ruined most of their best songs. There were more than a few moments that I couldn't even recognize the song until they were deep into it because the bass was so much louder and so out of tune that it drown out the keyboard and lead guitar, often creating a dissonant sound that was nothing like what their songs are supposed to sound like.

Thankfully, a roadie came out and tuned the bass up right before the encore, and the last two songs were really great, though the bass was still way to loud for the music style they play.

The Shout Out Louds are a really great band and deserve a sound guy who knows how to "balance."

Chris Goldberg said...


Thanks for your comment. Interesting. Up where I was I guess I didn't hear the problems with the bass. Lucky. Sounds like it sounded terrible from where you were.