Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Track From MGMT's New Record: "Flash Delirium"

If you've been paying attention to the interwebs, then you've probably gotten wind of the fact that MGMT has a second Sonic-inspired (see cover art, above) on tap for this spring, entitled Congratulations. Well now the band has released the first track from the record, and we have to say: not bad.

Rather than harping on the compositional feel of the first record's synthy pop goodness, the track manages an experimental vibe, while still keeping the band's signature instrumentation. Interestingly, the vocals are far more up front and less processed. What's more, the overall production is slightly more minimalist, which may allow for the band to more easily nail the track in a live environ.

In short, we have to admit: we were a little worried when we saw Congratulations' cover art, but this track has won us over. If the rest of the record is just as good, it'll be a winner.