Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spoon Covers The Damned

Spoon at Mercury Lounge, from the HAD Archive

Just in case Transference wasn't delivering you quite enough new Spoon tunage in 2010, here's a little bit more to leave you sated: The band recorded a cover of The Damned's tune "Love Song" for a Starbucks (ugh, we know) compilation, and the result is quite tasty. Much like Transference it's built upon a solid foundation of minimalism, but Britt Daniel's voice is a fair bit sweeter, and laden with reverb that recalls "The Ghost Of You Lingers". Check it out below.


Chris Goldberg said...

I love this cover!!

Hanan said...

haha I posted this ages ago it saddens me that you don't read my blog more carefully

ew Starbux, yay Spoon.