Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frightened Rabbit Coming To Webster Hall In April

Frightened Rabbit at Bottom Of The Hill, from the HAD Archive.

While they don't yet have a full US tour up for notice, we were more than a little pleased to see that Frightened Rabbit will be stopping in at Webster Hall on April 28th on their way west to Coachella. The band has been recording a new record in the past few months, and as far as we can tell this is your best chance to catch up with their new material.

Either way, we (being huge fans of the band, both on record and live) highly recommend that you get yourself off your couch and our to Webster Hall, where they're sure to give a killer dose of their unquestionably awesome genre bending tunes. We will be there beside you, being very, very excited, and very, very, happy.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon.