Saturday, February 20, 2010

Broken Social Scene Deliver Record Preview

This morning the kind folks over at Arts and Crafts informed us that Broken Social Scene has decided to make this a wonderful weekend for everyone here at HAD, by delivering tasty new details about their forthcoming record.

Forgiveness Rock Record is set to drop on May 4th, and as previously mentioned, was recorded in Chicago at Soma Studios. In addition to the album title, the band has also delivered the cover art (above), and a sparkling new track from the record.

"World Sick", which you can download below, is classic Broken Social Scene. Which, is to say: anthemic, messy, fuzzy, intricate, percussive, and melodic all at the same time. What's more, it's interesting to hear the band returning to their "full band" sound, after their two more curated feeling "Broken Social Scene Presents" records. If the track is any indication, then it is clear that the ever-expanding Broken Social Scene family has not lost its spark. And that, is very good indeed.

Broken Social scene is on tour this spring, and playing Webster Hall on May 7th.