Wednesday, January 20, 2010

David Byrne Previews Here Lies Love

You may recall our mention of David Byrne's upcoming collaborative project with Fatboy Slim, entitled Here Lies Love. Well now Byrne has started to give a taste of what to expect. Via his email list, Byrne yesterday released the track "Please Don't" (below), featuring Santigold. What's more, there's a nice little slideshow sum up of the record (above) that gives you a slightly better idea of what to expect from the record.

The overall sound of the record appears to be somewhat like what you might expect, which is to say: eclectic beats, unique instrumentation, and an undeniable danceability. In fact, we have to say that the vibe is definitely reminiscent of Byrne's late 90's/early 2000's records Feelings and Look Into The Eyeball. As is often the case with Byrne, the record appears to take a difficult-to-penetrate topic (in this case, Imelda Marcos) and infuse it with a latent accessiblity you really hadn't expected.

Here Lies Love drops on February 23rd, and at the moment is available for preorder at Byrne's website. No tour dates have been announced as of yet, but you can bet we'll keep an eye out.