Sunday, January 24, 2010

Britt Daniel Played SoundFix Records - Photos, Setlist, Review

After Thursday night's Mercury Lounge show, Britt Daniel of Spoon stuck around to do an in-store at SoundFix Records in Brooklyn. Our pal Chris Goldberg reported back to us, and had this to say:

"The crowd started lining up a little before 5 PM for the 7 PM show. By 7 it was around the block and not everyone could get in (the record store is TINY). Britt showed around 6 for a quick sound check coming in through the crowd and the doors opened at 6:30. It was extremely intimate with the crowd standing literally right next to Britt. It was technically not an acoustic show... he accompanied himself on an electric Gibson and sounded very impressive despite the lack of a band. Part of that has to be because of "Hot Pockets," Spoon's extremely talented sound tech was there knob-twisting away. Britt seems to love "Hot Pockets" - he mentioned him recently on NPR and even gave him a shout out in the middle of one of the songs.

It was a short 4 song set:
The Mystery Zone
Written in Reverse
The Beast And Dragon, Adored
I Summon You

Britt chatted a little, talking about how he had once lived in the same building as the Sound Fix record store for three months. But he joked "he could never make it as a Yankee." He was extremely gracious to all the fans. Signing records afterwards by writing "Thank you! Britt Daniel" on most of them. He seemed genuinely happy to be there. Right after he ran off down the street to join the Haiti benefit where he played 3 songs including a cover, Who Makes Your Money, and I Summon You with the drummer from the White Rabbits. "Hot Pockets" made an appearance there as well, wearing a "Hot Pockets" t-shirt."

We have to say, that given Britt's solo shows we've managed to catch in the past, we're not exactly surprised that this went so well. The man can certainly hold an audience. Still, always nice to hear about such a solid fan experience to boot!

Photos by Chris Goldberg


Hanan said...

have I mentioned how much I fucking love Britt's new jacket? it's amazing.
also, I bought Transference on vinyl today =)

BayTaper said...

I guess Hot Pockets prefers not to use his real name maybe, but he's the guy who has made my recordings of the band possible (him along with the band of course). One of the nicest sound guys I've ever dealt with, literally has gone out of his way for a guy he barely knows. Major props to him for sure!