Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, Phoenix. Why Do You Ask?

Phoenix @ The Paradise from the HAD Archive

Yes, you can ask. And you'll get the same answer every time. Despite listening to tons of new records and getting a taste of everything under the sun, we at HAD also take a little time each day to dig around on the internets and find tidbits that might have otherwise passed us by.

Case in point: two items from Phoenix that we thought you might enjoy. The first is a bit dated, but still fantastic nonetheless: it's the video (below) for the band's 2005 track "Rally". It's a taste of stop motion goodness, never mind that the track is fantastic to boot. The second is more recent, and dates from the band's visit to World Cafe at the end of November. It's an acoustic take on the band's ubiquitous "1901", and for all the times that we've heard it, this version seems to hold a certain something. Yum.

mp3: Phoenix - 1901 (Acoustic, Live On World Cafe)