Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New EELS Track Hits The Web

EELS have their second record in the span of a year on tap for January, and now it's starting to make its way on to the interwebs. End Times drops on January 19th, and the band has just released the first single from the record, "Little Bird", for free download.

To our ears, the track is pure classic EELS. Which is to say, it's sweet, it's melodic, and it's a tad sardonic. That being said, it also doesn't really push any creative boundaries. Sure, it could legitimately be an outtake from Daisies Of The Galaxy or Electro Shock Blues, but it also sounds so much like those records, that we wonder if Mr. E has been listening to his own record collection a little too much.

Still, we love Mr. E, and we're willing to keep the faith. Frankly, we still love hearing his crunchy voice floating above a sweetly capo-ed guitar. Check it out below.