Sunday, November 22, 2009

Evangelicals Played Union Hall - Pictures, Review

The last time we saw Evangelicals, they were awash in a sea of black lights and caped costumes, so it was quite the surprise when we stumbled into Union Hall on Wednesday night, and discovered the band as close to clean cut as most rock bands tend to get. Their new look, however, did little to affect the band's awesome live sound: if anything, the band has become a tighter unit since we last saw them, and is even more dynamic to boot.

The band kicked the set off with a blazing cover of David Bowie's "Be My Wife". As huge Bowiephiles here at HAD, we were more than a little excited to hear the band dive into one of the Thin White Duke's lesser known singles. More importantly, the band did a killer, fuzzed out, job with the song, and it led perfectly into the body of their set.

And the set was, in short, stellar. As we mentioned above, the band has significantly tightened up their sound since we saw them last year. The instrumentation felt tighter, the vibe was more succinct, and it felt far more like a well established band mutually contributing to their set and songs.

As we mentioned previously, Evangelicals have a new record in the works, and after seeing the Union Hall show, we're even more excited than we were before. The fact of the matter is that this is a band that was already making fantastic studio albums. If they can manage to supplement that with even more tightly knit interplay, there's really no telling what might be in store. Rest assured, we'll be eagerly awaiting whatever it might be.

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mp3: Evangelicals - Skeleton Man