Friday, November 6, 2009

Do Make Say Think: New Record, East Coast Dates

Do Make Say Think have long been a staple on the playlist. We first heard about them through their tight Broken Social Scene connection, and have been digging on their unique sound ever since. The band manages to create a sonic landscape that toes the line between fuzzy rock, ambient goodness, and melodic genius. Their classic records You, You're A History In Rust and & Yet & Yet are both go-to albums for long drives, meditative moments, or when we are simply in a mood to be enveloped by the environment of a recording.

That being said, we were psyched to discover that the band has a new record entitled The Other Truths. Comprised of four tracks entitled "Do", "Make", "Say" and "Think", the record is nonetheless most assuredly not an EP. Each track clocks in at over ten minutes (with the exception of "Think"), and the record has a playtime longer than many of its peers, despite the low track count. In terms of sound, some of the band's more familiar elements are there, but they've also managed a bit of a departure.

Where older DMST records had a clear sonic link to Broken Social Scene, this time around they seem to have completely broken away and claimed complete ownership of their own vibe. All of the familiar elements are there: sprawling epic arrangements, intricate guitar lines, percussive genius, and unquestionable melody. It's simply that something of the feel of the record has gained distance from Broken Social Scene. In short, it simply sounds like the two groups are less entangled, and DMST has found themselves more comfortable in their own skin.

Of course, the question on our minds is how this will translate to the live show, and luckily we have a chance to find out. The band will be returning to North America at the end of November, after an extensive European tour. When they do, they'll be making stops at a number of East Coast venues, including two stops in New York at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and Bowery Ballroom (see below). While we heartily recommend DMST's records, we'll take it a step further and say that you'd be even better off catching their live show. This is the kind of music that begs for live interpretation, and this is the band to to do it. See you out there!

mp3: Do Make Say Think - Do

Do Make Say Think Fall 2009 North American Dates
25 Nov Montreal CA Sala Rossa
26 Nov Montreal CA Sala Rossa
27 Nov Cambridge US Middle East Downstairs
28 Nov Brooklyn US Music Hall Of Williamsburg
29 Nov New York US Bowery Ballroom
30 Nov Philadelphia US First Unitarian Church
1 Dec Washington DC US Rock and Roll Hotel
2 Dec Pittsburgh US Brillobox
3 Dec Pontiac US Crofoot Ballroom
4 Dec Chicago US Lincoln Hall
5 Dec Chicago US Schubas Tavern
12/13 Dec Toronto CA Enwave Theatre