Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shane MacGownan: "Haunted", "A Rainy Night In Soho" - Videos

Shane MacGowan is unquestionably a hugely respected figure in modern music: as The Pogues frontman he brought together Irish music and punk, and more importantly lent his own particular voice and lyricism to music. That's all well and good, but two of our favorite Shane moments here at HAD are perhaps two of the lesser known - we figured we'd share.

The first is "Haunted", a 1995 duet with Sinead O'Connor off of MacGowan's 1995 record The Snake (which deserves a full listen if you haven't already). The tune is not only fabulously written, and features a fantastic juxtaposition of the two singer's voices, but it also features one of our favorite Shane lyrics: "You were so cool, you could have put out Vietnam". Indeed. Check out the video above.

The second is "A Rainy Night In Soho", which is actually a Pogues B-Side. The track has never failed to pull at our heart strings, and is probably one of the best love songs ever written. Being that it's Shane, it's not without its share of blunt confessional moments, but they're easily balanced frankness that closes the tune: "You're the measure of my dreams, the measure of my dreams." Vid above.

mp3: The Pogues - A Rainy Night In Soho