Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Postmarks Played The Canal Room - Pictures, Review, Setlist

Last Thursday we made our way to the Canal Room to check out The Postmarks' CMJ showcase, and we'll tell you this: if you weren't there, you missed out. Put simply, the band delivered a set that transcended their (already fabulous) records, and completely solidified them as a relevant and exciting live act.

If you're already a fan of the band (as we are here at HAD), then you may be sitting there telling yourself "well, yes, of course, they're a great band". But then, in a way, you'd be wrong. Because if you've only heard The Postmarks records, then there's simply a huge part of the band's talent and sound that you have yet to be exposed to.

Before checking out the show, we have to admit that we were flummoxed as to how they would take their carefully crafted 60's throwback sound and deliver it in a simple rock club. The fact of the matter is that the band's sound on record depends heavily on orchestration, intricate arrangements, and delicate sonics. Not exactly the ideal situation for trying to deliver night to night on the road.

So how does one solve such a conundrum? Apparently by taking the sound on the record and completley turning it on it's head. In short, the band took their trademark sound and completely overhauled it. Drenched in feedback-y goodness, the band employed the live rock setting assuredly to their advantage, as they took the bombast of wall of sound production and put it through an unrepentant shoegaze filter.

The result was exceptional: the character and identity of the songs was maintained, but infused with an unquestionable vitality unique to live environment. What's more, the band unquestionably demonstrated their aptitude, as they blasted through a set that was comprised of bulletproof instrumental technique. In short (if you haven't figured it already), we loved the set. It was emblazoned with energy, and left us not only loving the show, but with an even greater appreciation of the band's recorded output as well. Moreover, it brought us to the conclusion that we can say to you without reserve, this: go see The Postmarks live, as soon as you can.

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Ben said...

Hey, I'm biased as the Tour Mgr for The Postmarks, but thanks for the praise and even more for the amazing photos. Live on HAD!