Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Phoenix Video Abounds: Late Late Show, Musicvision

Phoenix at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, from the HAD Archive

Well, some things never change, and this fall it seems to be the weekly appearance of new Phoenix content. And, frankly, as monster fans of the band, we here at HAD couldn't be happier. This week there are two doses of awesomeness for you to enjoy. The first is the band's appearance on the Late Late Show, while the second is something of a music compilation entitled Musicvision.

The band's appearance on the Late Late Show is actually quite a refreshing one for us: the band decided to branch out and deliver "Girlfriend" for its first American TV showing. We're guessing this means it's the new single, but regardless: we're psyched to see the tune preserved for posterity. Check it out above.

The second item is something a bit less conventional. Entitled "Musicvision", it's a montage of songs that the band hand picked as being hugely influential. The songs are then played back as the band comments on them in French, complete with subtitles. It's a bit of a time commitment (especially if you want to watch the subtitles), but we think it's worth it. Not only are the tunes dead on, but the graphics of the spinning vinyl really hit us where it counts. Yum. We've embedded the fun times for you above.

mp3: Phoenix - Girlfriend