Thursday, October 22, 2009

Julian Casablancas Continues New Album Lead Up: Release Details, New Song

The lead up to Julian Casablancas' first solo record, Phrazes For The Young, continues its onslaught this week, with some announcements regarding the release, and more of the new material gradually leaking it's way onto the internets.

First, the release has been pushed forward to November 3rd, which means you'll have to wait a bit longer. However, if you can manage to stifle your anxiety, then you'll also be able to purchase the ever-popular "luxury" edition of the record (pic above), which is going to include:

* A 48-page classically bound storybook containing original and exclusive artwork, full album lyrics, B-Side lyrics, "Phrazes," and photographs – Each book will be personally signed by Julian Casablancas.
* A DVD containing filmed solo acoustic performances by Julian, an interview, the album trailer and the “11th Dimension” music video.

* 2 CDs: CD 1 will contain the full-length album and CD 2 will contain five song demos from the album and three B-Sides (demos only available in the Luxury Edition).
* A 180 gram vinyl LP of the album.

* A double-sided (24” x 36”) poster.

* A Cult Records pin.
* The Luxury Edition is housed in a beautiful custom designed antique-style box.

For $90, we gotta say that's not exactly a bad deal. The vinyl and CD alone would probably run you $30-40, so the addition of the DVD and other goodies is a nice bonus. What can we say? It's probably a tad overpriced, but we're big enough fan boys that we're probably gonna snag one.

Now, onto the good stuff: A bunch of snippets from the record leaked last week, and have since been taken down. However, still available is the track "River Of Brakelights", which Casablancas has begun streaming on his web site. You can snag a download below, and suffice it to say: we likey. What's more, Jules is scheduled to be on the tonight show next Tuesday, and then the record drops the following week. Frankly, the more we hear of it, the more we like it. Can you tell we're getting very excited? Well, we are: this shit is gonna rule our (and your) world.

mp3: Julian Casablancas - River of Brakelights


Hanan said...

haha I love it when you refer to yourself as a fan boy. actually, I love it when anyone refers to themselves as a fan boy of The Strokes or Jules.
we are all getting very VERY excited.