Tuesday, October 20, 2009

David Bowie (and Tin Machine) - "Debaser"

It's no secret that that Doolittle is considered by many to be The Pixies masterpiece, and with good reason: the record is a killer front-to-back listen. However, perhaps less well known is that in the early 90's (with his band Tin Machine, pictured above) David Bowie covered Doolittle's opening track "Debaser" with some regularity.

While it doesn't quite have the perfection of The Pixies version, we have to admit we dig Bowie's take quite a bit. The band (who already had a pretty solid bluesy vibe going) take on the song as a sped up heavy rock version of its former self. It's not the original, but if you're a bit of a Bowie fetishist (as we most certainly are), then it's worth your time.

The version here is a fantastic sounding board feed from the band's 12-17-1991 show at San Francisco's own Warfield. Enjoy!

mp3: David Bowie (And Tin Machine) - Debaser (Pixies cover, live @ The Warfield San Francisco)


Hanan said...

cool, thanks!
you're so great about digging excellent live mp3s up. grazie mille!