Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cursive: New Video, Daytrotter Session

Here at HAD we continue to be impressed by, well, just about everything Cursive has to offer. While the band can drift a little emo-ish for our taste at times, for the most part they manage to deliver killer songwriting and amazing performances. That being what it is, we were psyched to discover two new (and free!) offerings from the band in the past week.

First, the band has delivered the third video from Mama, I'm Swollen for the tune "Let Me Up". In accordance of with the tune's relatively dark vibe, the video is something of a Lost Highway-esque adventure in love lost. Check it out for yourself above.

Second, the band just completed a Daytrotter Session that (in addition to two tracks from the band's catalog) contains covers of The Cure's "Love Cats" and Bowie's "Modern Love". We have to admit, we were particularly skeptical of that second one, but the band manages to pull it off. Listen below, or click the link above for the full session.

mp3: Cursive - Modern Love (David Bowie Cover, Live On Daytrotter)