Monday, October 5, 2009

Ambulance LTD Drops Live Tracks From Mercury Lounge Show

Ambulance LTD At Mercury Lounge, from the HAD Archive

You may recall that a few weeks back we posted a link to an Ambulance LTD radio session. Well, we kept loading up the session so frequently that we finally did ourselves (and you) a favor, and yanked the band's performance of "Ivy" out as its own mp3. Suffice it to say, we love the tune: it's got all of the measured funkiness of the band's first record, while at the same time showing some clear growth. Well, just as we were getting to posting that track for you, we discovered that we've been beaten to the punch.

The band has posted their entire show from Mercury Lounge as lossless WAV files. We were at the gig, and positively loved it, so it's with no small dose of excitement that we bring you this news. Not only are the downloads lossless and free, but the set is chock full of the band's new material, which is positively killer. We've provided a link to the download page below, as well as the live version of "Ivy". We have no idea how long this will be up, so our recommendation is to get over there and download this killer set ASAP - you can thank us later!

mp3: Ambulance LTD - "Ivy" (Live At Mercury Lounge)
Ambulance LTD Live At Mercury Lounge