Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ryan Adams To Speak At The New York Public Library

If his artist-in-residence appearance at Morrison Gallery won't be quite enough exposure for you, then you're in luck: Ryan Adams will also be appearing the same week (on September 25th) at New York Public Library Live, in a discussion with Weeds actress Mary Louise Parker. Although the link seems tenuous (they're both from "the Carolinas"), we're willing to entertain it - if nothing else, it'll be a conversation between two charming, good looking folks, and we're guessing it'll be a bit more.

The pair are apparently discussing (in addition to their mutual Southern background) Adams' new book Hello Sunshine, which drops this fall. The event is relatively intimate (500 people, GA) and will be held at the library's main branch. Once you've got your tix, click above to enjoy RA's latest web-only video goodness, entitled "Happy Birthday".

Tickets are on sale now.


Hanan said...

I am so so so jealous!
RA and libraries = two of my favourite things ever!!

he's a literary word-champ because his mum was an English teacher.

I'm going to go pull out Infinity Blues to console myself.