Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ryan Adams Re-Launches Boutique Label

Ryan Adams @ The Catalyst, from the HAD Archive

While the word "launch" seems a bit dubious given the Paxam tee shirt and records we have sitting right here, we're still pretty damn happy at the news that Ryan Adams will be relaunching his boutique label. Apparently Adams will be using Paxam (which has been dormant for close to five years), to launch a series of digital singles that will "support the site and keep FOGGY TV broadcasting."

Speaking of which, Adams' site has recently turned into something of a TV station for his music and (aforementioned) bloggy videos. We're not sure exactly how much "support" it takes to host a web site and film videos on your macbook, but suffice it to say: not much. Case in point, Adams' own assessment of the endeavor:

"Thanks for making Pax Am the number one Ryan Adams merch site online. We would hunt anyone else down though. Did you have a rad summer? Good. If you said no, never worry, Pax Am is here. We are gonna fill your fall and winter up with vinyl, digital singles, and t shirts you don't need. Stay tuned for videos, free tracks, and our digi-singles. Subscribers get first dibs on rare vinyl. Remember, purchasing the buck 49 singles is a way to keep FOGGY TV on the air, but it is not necessary to view the weekly content. This is my label and my internet disco dream. Make it real you jerks. Worship me."

That being said, we're nothing if not suckers for the awesomeness that is Ryan Adams, so count us in.

You can head over to Adams' store now, where two of the digital singles are already available.

mp3: Ryan Adams - If I Am A Stranger (Original 7" Version, From Paxam Single)