Friday, September 25, 2009

Phoenix Played Jimmy Fallon, Two New York Shows This Weekend - Video

Well, if you're anything like us, you've been anticipating this weekend for a while: Phoenix will be playing two sold out nights in Central Park with Passion Pit opening. No doubt the shows will be a blast, and it's a great way to close out the summer. Well, not content to simply deliver two nights of concerts, the band have already made their way into the city, and took the opportunity to perform yesterday at the Soho Apple Store and on Jimmy Fallon.

We didn't make it to the Apple Store, but no doubt it was something of a mob scene - free shows tend to do that. The Fallon appearance, on the other hand, we managed to snag, and now deliver to you (above) via the magic of the internets. We have to say, we're a bit bummed that the band is still using "Lisztomania" for their live performances. Given the number of amazing tracks on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, it seems silly to hear the same tune over and over.

That being said, we still love the tune, and the band most definitely nailed it. Combine that with the fact that Thomas Mars has decided to change up his look with a spiffy new black jacket, and consider us won over. See you out there this weekend.

video: Phoenix - Lisztomania (Official Video)
mp3: Phoenix - Lisztomania


Hanan said...

oh how I love them, oh how I hate Megan Fox. she's so gross looking.
they sounded great, I'm not mad they performed this again. there's a certain quality in Thomas's voice in this video, it's scratchier than usual, like he's tired or something, but I looove it.

thanks for posting =)

oh, and I think Laurent looks pretty spiffy.