Monday, September 21, 2009

Phoenix Drop "Fences" As Multitrack Download

You may recall that earlier in the year when Phoenix released their single "1901" as a multi track recording for remix purposes. Well, apparently that wasn't the end of it, as the band has now gone and released "Fences" in the same format. You can snag the multi-track download right here.

We're actually excited to see "Fences" get the nod, as it seems to be the underappreciated stepchild of "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix": it hasn't really been played live, and gets little mention in critical circles as well. We're curious to see what fans will come up with for the track, but more importantly whether this development causes the band to dig out the track for a live showing at Central Park this weekend. We certainly hope so!

mp3: Phoenix - Fences


Anonymous said...

They played Fences during their show in LA last week.. said it was the first time they had performed the song live before.

Anonymous said...

What?! They played SF last week and they said it was the first time they performed it live as well!

DJ Nolan said...

Download Phoenix - Fences(DJ Nolan Remix) at