Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pavement Reunion In 2010

Stephen Malkmus changes a guitar string at Great American Music Hall, from the HAD Archive

While details are still sketchy, it seems to be bubbling out from numerous "reliable sources" (KEXP and Brooklyn Vegan included) that Pavement is set to reunite in 2010. Despite the fact that this has been rumored just about forever, the enormity of it really can't be ignored.

Pavement is a band that not only inspired just about every band you've loved since (Radiohead included, kids), but also never really managed to realize their own greatness in a live setting. Their shows were often discombobulated, and even by the band's own account, not everything they could be. We're really hoping that this reunion news could be the special sauce that brings back the awesomeness, not to mention a new record. Maybe? Please?

While nothing's confirmed, the rumor mill is currently listing 4 shows at Central Park Summerstage 2010, and a possible Coachella spot. Yes. Please.


Hanan said...

dude. if this is true, it's like early Christmas for us indie kids!

haha! oh and that photo is classic. =)