Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Outside Lands 2009 Wrap Up

Well, it was unquestionably a long weekend, and it took us the better part of a week to get the coverage out, but yesterday we finished and it was all worth it! We just wanted to take this opportunity to throw all of our Outside Lands coverage at you in one fell swoop, and offer up some final thoughts.

Specifically, how impressed we were that the festival not only worked again this year, but that it even worked even better. Not only because the weather held up (okay, more than "held up"), but that the fest managed to be better organized, more exciting, and still maintain the high level of cleanliness and attention to detail that was so winning last year.

We originally thought that the lineup was a tad too mainstream, and if you gauge by the headliners, it was. Still, the fact of the matter is that the festival managed to grab such an awesome selection of "tier 2" acts, that it almost went unnoticed. Not just that, but the reality is that when a truly big name (like Radoihead last year) gets on stage, you seldom have the luxury of getting extremely close. This year we were more than satisfied by killer views from the medium stages.

In short, we couldn't be happier that Outside Lands has managed to find its niche in the city by the Bay, and make it successfully through another year. Here's to 2010!

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