Thursday, September 3, 2009

Outside Lands 2009: Day 2, Part 2 - Pictures, Review

As we rolled ourselves into the second half of Outside Lands, we couldn't have been more psyched: the weather was holding up, the shows were kicking ass, and we were having a great time! What's more, the second half of Saturday had some of our favorite live bands on the lineup, so we got out there and got into the crowd as soon as possible.

Our first stop was to check out TV On The Radio, and it would be perfectly accurate to say that they were exactly as we expected: awesome. We've been digging on Dear Science, since it dropped, and seeing the tunes live makes it just that much more awesome. Compound that with the fact that the band travels with a legit brass section and tears it up live, and, well, we were more than a little happy with the set.

From there we headed to Deerhunter's set. We've been in love with the band's live show since we saw them at Noise Pop, and it continues to be one of our huge regrets that Microcastle was absent from our "Best of 2009" list. Suffice it to say, we are now sufficiently converted. Bradford Cox took to the stage before the rest of the band and shot the shit with the crowd for a bit. Given the cry of "I'm missing Conor for you!", Cox deftly replied "Who? No, seriously. Who are you talking about? Oh, Bright Eyes? My roommate used to live with that guy." Indeed. Once the rest of the band arrived on stage, they delivered an unquestionably great set, easily on par with the Noise Pop show, but maybe not quite as epic.

We wrapped up our day with a stop to see The Mars Volta. We had never seen the band before (and frankly, aren't what you would call "well versed" with their catalog), but we had heard such fantastic things about their live show that we just had to check it out. Let us say this: believe the hype. The band delivered an incredibly balls-to-the-wall set of rock and roll that the energy in these pictures only begins to capture. To call it frenetic would be an understatement. It was a great way to go out of Saturday on a total rock and roll high, and head home to rest up for day 3!

Photos By Rick Audet
Many more photos at the HAD Archive