Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Outside Lands 2009: Day 2, Part 1 - Pictures, Review

The second day of Outside Lands saw the festival welcome another day of mind bogglingly good weather: even warmer than Friday, and startlingly sunny. It seems that the Festival had struck some sort of a deal with the San Francisco weather gods, and the fans certainly weren't complaining. The scene was set for what turned out to be a completely fantastic day of rock and roll.

We started off the day by taking in Cambodian fusion band Dengue Fever. The band seemed genuinely psyched to be in attendance at the festival, and more than a little genuine in their love for San Francisco over their home town of LA. We have to say, we're not exactly surprised: if there's one place that would be welcoming of the band's uber unique Cambodian psychedelica, it's good ol' SF.

From there we headed over to catch modern metal gods Mastodon, and they did not fail to deliver: the band not only played a set of completely killer metal, but also managed to look the part as much as would seem to be humanly possible. While we won't pretend to be metal connoisseurs here at HAD, we can tell you this: Mastadon is doing it right.

We wrapped up the first half of our Saturday with a stop off with Brazil's Os Mutantes, and we were glad we did. Not only did the band give a killer performance, but our minds were completely blown by Sergio Dias' guitar playing. Despite breaking his D-string early in the set, he made a quick repair, the band played on, and then he dove right back in. Rock and roll indeed. With ourselves exactly half way through the big weekend, we knew it was time to stop for a beer, and then get ready for the second half of our day.

All Photos By Rick Audet

That's all for the first half of day 2, we'll have the second half for you soon. Meanwhile, head to the HAD Archive and check out many, many, more photos!


chalky said...

YEY! Dengue Fever! So much fun live :D