Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nouvelle Vague Returns With Third Record

We were introduced to the Nouvelle Vague records by an ex-girlfriend, and while that didn't exactly hold up, the records have. Which, we have to admit, is a bit surprising. The concept (bossanova takes on new wave classics) sounds far fetched. Far fetched enough, at least, to make one think it might not yield multiple successful and enjoyable records.

Luckily, one would be wrong: not only are the band's first two records fantastic, but they now have a third on the way, and from the looks of things it'll hold up to band's reputation. 3 drops on October 20th, and manages to take a new twist on the band's sound: they've enlisted some of the original singers to come on board and sing duets on their revamped takes. Normally we'd raise an eyebrow to such a gimmick, but the band's stellar performance on record so far is leaving us open minded.

While we're not sure a covers record can qualify for "record of the year", we will say this: Nouvelle Vague manages to deliver albums that not only stick around on our playlist, but do so for a long time. As such, we'll definitely be picking a copy of this one up, and we recommend you do the same.

mp3: Nouvelle Vague - Master & Servant