Monday, September 28, 2009

Neighbors, Devandra Banhart Remix Phoenix

Phoenix at Rumsey Playfield, from the HAD Archive

Was this weekend's show not enough Phoenix for you? Well fear not, because we have a bit more for your Monday. While are the proles are relegated to remixing "1901" and "Fences", the rock star set gets a different tune altogether: Neighbors and Devandra Banhart have remixed "Rome", and the band is giving the track away for free.

While we're not always Banhart's number one fans around here, "Rome" is one of the most killer tracks on Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. What's more, its dynamics and killer riffs make it ripe for remixing. And, Neighbors and Banhart definitely deliver. While we'd rather than Banhart not sully Thomas Mars' vocals with attempts at dueting, the rest of the track is spot on.

The pair manage to take a lot of the rock out of "Rome", instead opting to lean on the atmospherics of the tune's bridge. Amongst bendy synths and layered vocals, the remix emphasizes Phoenix's more subtle side, and that suits us just fine. Check it out for yourself below.

mp3: Phoenix - Rome (Neighbors and Devandra Banhart Remix)