Thursday, September 24, 2009

HAD Featured On BreakThru Radio's "Anatomy Of A Blogger"

When the folks over at BreakThru Radio offered to let us take over the reigns of their "Anatomy Of A Blogger" show, we couldn't resist. They were kind enough to conduct an interview and use a hand picked HAD playlist. The show runs about an hour, and has some damn fine tunes, if we do say so ourselves. Plus you get to hear our same kooky opinions about the music industry, only now you don't have to read! Just sit back and listen....

Stream: HAD on Anatomy Of The Blogger


Hanan said...

listening right now!
you sir are my hero. I love what you said about how it's not the end of the world if you hear an album six months reminded me of something someone in Sonic Youth (I think it was Thurston)said to SPIN...that they hated bloggers because they have this obsessive need to know everything all at once. that's why I love vinyl so forces you to sit and actually listen to music.

Pavement is fucking great.